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Re: Network cabling

On Mon, Nov 12, 2001 at 10:29:05AM +0200, Szabó Tamás wrote:
> Would be the network very loaded, for 50, 60 PC's, if they all will be
> on the same network? 

50-60 boxes on an ethernet segment shouldn't be a big deal.

> The bigest concern however is an office that is 2km away. Probably it
> will connect through dialup(or leased line if permanent connection is
> necessary). Is there any other not very expensive solution to give him a
> faster connection?

Do you have line of sight?  You could use 802.11 cards and direction
antennas to connect the office to your main net, at speeds between 2 and
11 Mbit depending on conditions.  You'll just need to be careful about
the wireless network's security.


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