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Medompool can't surf


I have installed a fw at my job to protect the lookal network. It do 
work OK exept for the dialin modems.

The modems ar conected to a 2 port remote access server named 
ConnectPlus from Emulex network systems.

People dailing in get acces to the lookal network but can't get 
trhu the fw. They hawe a IP-adress from the network. I can't 
understand how at all they are different to the fw then anny 
other machine on the network.

I been spekulating in som less known ICMP stuff but have now 
opened up all ICMP both ways and it still dont work :-(

The device have an own IP-nr for each port and I can ping 
them from the internet, but anyone conecting thru modem 
(with ppp) can't access the internet. They can acces the 
mailserver , the DNS server, the webserver and everything else 
on the lokal network but not internet.

I'm out of idees, have anyone any experienc with these kind 
of hardware gadgets? Or any idee what to investigate.

TIA /Lars

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