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Re: 100Mbit full duplex

Markus.SEIDEL@network.co.at took timeout to grace us with the following:
> Hi,
> I am using a znyx 2 port interface with the 'de4x5' module.
> Further I run a Checkpoint FW1 on this machine.
> When I connect it to the Switch, the switch shows that I run 100Mbit half
> duplex.
> How do I set the interface to full duplex mode?
Check out the driver documentation in the Documentation/networking subdir
of the kernel source.  (I haven't used this one but I remembered something
about it when I was looking for info on a tulip driver.)  Here is a small

    Command line  arguments are  now allowed, similar to  passing  arguments
    through LILO. This will allow a per adapter board set  up of full duplex
    and media. The only lexical constraints are:  the board name (dev->name)
    appears in  the list before its parameters.  The list of parameters ends
    either at the end of the parameter list or with another board name.  The
    following parameters are allowed:

            fdx        for full duplex
	    autosense  to set the media/speed; with the following 
		       TP, TP_NW, BNC, AUI, BNC_AUI, 100Mb, 10Mb, AUTO

    Case sensitivity is important  for  the sub-parameters. They *must*   be
    upper case. Examples:

        insmod de4x5 args='eth1:fdx autosense=BNC eth0:autosense=100Mb'.

    For a compiled in driver, in linux/drivers/net/CONFIG, place e.g.
	DE4X5_OPTS = -DDE4X5_PARM='"eth0:fdx autosense=AUI eth2:autosense=TP"' 

Hope that helps.


Chris Harris <charris@rtcmarketing.com>
Linux --- The best things in life are free.

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