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RE: Medompool can't surf

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> From: Lars Hallberg [mailto:lah@micropp.se]
> Sent: Tuesday, June 12, 2001 3:25 AM
> People dailing in get acces to the lookal network but can't get
> trhu the fw. They hawe a IP-adress from the network. I can't
> understand how at all they are different to the fw then anny
> other machine on the network.
> The device have an own IP-nr for each port and I can ping
> them from the internet, but anyone conecting thru modem
> (with ppp) can't access the internet. They can acces the
> mailserver , the DNS server, the webserver and everything else
> on the lokal network but not internet.

Are you sure the machines dialing in have your firewall box set as the gateway
out of the network?  This sounds a lot like a routing issue.  Does your RAS
support setting a route?  If not, try manually adding the default route to the
machines that are dialing in.


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