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Re: icq through masqueraded firewall /socks4

Ah forget it.  It seems to work with outsiders - it's just transfers 
between clients on the LAN that doesn't work.

Of course there are better ways to transfer files on the LAN than 
icq.  But it makes it difficult to test things.  Is there anything I can
do to the proxy server to make this sort of thing work.  (internal 
client to internal client transfers mediated by an external server
through socks4 proxy)?  Listen on the loopback address maybe?

> Hi all,
> Look, I'm trying to get icq working on windoze client computers
> on the private LAN through a Debian masquerading gateway 
> (ipchains - kernel 2.2.19).
> It used to work with just port forwarding but since upgrading to
> icq 2000b, user to user file transfers and voice messages
> don't work anymore.
> I've tried switching to a socks4 proxy server as that seemed to
> be better supported by icq.  ICQ is connecting through
> the socks4 proxy fine, but file transfers still don't work (at least
> between clients on the LAN)  
Paul Haesler

"A chicken is the egg's way of making more eggs. 
Government is anarchy's way of making more anarchy."
        - Robert Anton Wilson

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