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icq through masqueraded firewall /socks4

Hi all,

Look, I'm trying to get icq working on windoze client computers
on the private LAN through a Debian masquerading gateway 
(ipchains - kernel 2.2.19).

It used to work with just port forwarding but since upgrading to
icq 2000b, user to user file transfers and voice messages
don't work anymore.

I've tried switching to a socks4 proxy server as that seemed to
be better supported by icq.  ICQ is connecting through
the socks4 proxy fine, but file transfers still don't work (at least
between clients on the LAN)  

When the file transfers fail.  I get the following messages in syslog:

Jun 12 13:56:03 marge sockd[5584]: failed -- Connect from 
a(unknown)@homer.haeslernet to (80).
 Error code: connect() Network is unreachable

(Obviously homer is the windoze box and marge the linux box  :) )

My sockd.conf is dead simple - serve the LAN, not the world:
(LAN subnet

deny    ALL

sockd.route is equally simple:

# eth0   
# eth1

Am I missing something here?  Why is sockd trying to connect
to port 80 on a broadcast address (

Or is it just a bug in the new version of icq?
Paul Haesler

"A chicken is the egg's way of making more eggs. 
Government is anarchy's way of making more anarchy."
        - Robert Anton Wilson

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