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Re: Firewalling with DHCP client

On Mon, Jun 11, 2001 at 11:05:09AM -0600, Stefan Srdic wrote:
> I'm still working on my Netfilter script, its almost complete
> but I still have to figure out how to work around my dynamic
> IP address.
> My host has an ADSL connection and is configured via DHCP
> using pump.  How can I determine it's IP address (within the
> script). Also, how can I arrange it so that whenever my lease
> expires and renews my netfilter script re-runs to correct for
> the new IP address>?
> I am open to all suggestions.

Depending on exactly what it is you're doing in your script, you
might be able to set up the rules based on the interface instead
of the IP address.  This way you can set up the firewall rules
on boot before you even bring up the networking and not have to
change them when your IP address changes.

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