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Re: ReiserFS on a Firewall [was: Building Debian firewall]

Although i am for sure not an IT expert, i think that the risk of complete
data loss is much higher with reiserfs.
(i never had any problems with my ext2 disks, but i've lost an 30 Gig
reiserfs partition end of december...)

So i would run reiserfs only on Systems with Daily Backup's and on systems
with _Huge_ Disks and a high disk load (so they profit from the b-tree's
reiserfs uses)

For a router which not much more than log activity on the disk i would
prefer using ext2 oder ext3 (ext3 for 2.4 is released beta now, and you can
switch from ext2 to ext3 and back at any time, furthermore you can use the
e2fs fsck programs which a very complete by now...)
If you keep the partitions small, disk scanning after a power outage or
crash should be done in a few minutes; so it won't take much longer than the
people to realize the power's back again and get back to work.

If you do need a proxy as well, i would accept the cache on reiserfs,
but i would put the rest onto ext2.

Perhaps it's just that i don't trust reiserfs after having lost so much time
trying to repair the partition with reiserfsck; which did succeed after
waiting some month's for the update - so the situation with reiserfs is for
sure better now, but i wouldn't yet trust it any data i don't backup very
regulary. (and i do know you should backup regularyly anyways - but i never
had to restore an ext2 filesystem yet)


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