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Re: Building Debian firewall

On Sun, May 27, 2001 at 08:24:48PM +0100, Robert Davies wrote:
> ReiserFS is supposed to be pretty stable now, since 2.4.4, I don't think any
> fixes for it went into the latest 2.4.5 kernel release.  The SuSE distro has
> been including Reiser for at least a year now, and by all accounts users are
> happy with it.
> So what are the reasons for not using ReiserFS?  I read somewhere that even
> the latest verson of lilo is starting to support booting from a reiserfs
> partition.
> I understand Ed's minimalist approach to using a firewall, but then you
> would argue against using Debian, and applying a Linux router project, some
> of which do not require a hard disk.  Better still boot from CD-ROM and use
> read-only filesystems, TMPFS or RAMFS.

I also understand the minimalist approach I am currently using a Linux
Router based product. The reason I want to use a debian based firewall
is the easy use of apt-get to upgrade security update and the flexibility 
of adding intrusion detection and other security based products to my firewall.

Kirk Schroeder

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