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Re: Building Debian firewall

On Sun, 27 May 2001, Kirk Schroeder wrote:

> I also understand the minimalist approach I am currently using a Linux
> Router based product. The reason I want to use a debian based firewall
> is the easy use of apt-get to upgrade security update and the flexibility 
> of adding intrusion detection and other security based products to my firewall.
I also will have to install a 486 box as firewall/router.  I'd like to
set up it diskless and just boot it from a single floppy.  This would
avoid using apt-get.
My idea is that we could perhaps build a "router/firewall-construction-kit"
package:  Having the latest security fixes installed on a master host a
floppy image with kernel and all the necessary stuff could be build if there
are any security fixes automatically and dd-ed to a disk.  Than the router
just needs to be rebootet.  No need for any fsck or anything else.  No
wast of energy for spinning harddisks and no additional noise of the box.

Does somebody think that such a Debian-based router/firewall-construction-kit
would be possible.  I'm a bloody beginner in this field.

Kind regards


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