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Re: Multiple DSLs, and switching incoming route upon failure?

On Fri, May 25, 2001 at 11:29:46PM -0400, Jeff S Wheeler wrote:
> Are your DSL uplinks from different ISPs, or from the same IP provider?  If

They are different providers.

DSL 1 is 384k/1.5m adsl at pacbell

dsl2 is 768k sdsl landmark (lmki)

> they are differing providers, there is no way you can feasably implement
> BGP.  If they are redundant paths to the same ISP you could ask them to

What do t1 and t3 customers do?  Is the only criteria for "feasibility" a
need for more IPs?

> issue you a reserved ASN (65512 - 65535) and announce your /28 into their
> network via ebgp sessions.  That makes a lot of assumptions about software
> support on your router(s), and of their willingness to accomodate you, of
> course.

I could get a second link to pacbell, but sometimes their entire network
gets unstable, and I would still need a second provider.  Doing the same
with the other provider would require four links, and still wouldn't fix the
problem if one ISP crashing completely.

> Realistically, you aren't going to make this happen.  Perhaps you could
> participate in something like the 6BONE, or simply colocate your obviously
> mission-critical services at your ISP.

Hmm, I wonder how exactly this would work with the 6BONE.  Can you get
traffic from ipv4 into the 6BONE from the "normal" internet?  How would I be

I probably wouldn't choose my ISP then, I'd choose a company that connects
to several ISPs, and that'll be more expensive. :( 

> - jsw


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