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Multiple DSLs, and switching incoming route upon failure?


I don't believe I'm subscribed to this list, so please cc me also. (I'm on
so many debian lists, and I put all of the low traffic ones in one folder...)

I already have multiple DSL links to the Internet, but I haven't done
anything more as far as incoming connections besides SMTP and a couple
others for remote workers.

The problem now is I want to put a FTP and DNS server up.  These by them
selves aren't a problem, but sometimes one of the DSLs will go down.

I'd only qualify for a /28 block of IPs, is there any way I can get bgp
routing at my shop?  I'm willing to read all the info I need, and have an
interest in this area anyway...

This message isn't meant to start a flame war about DSL reliability, as even
with fiber it is recommended to multi-home.

DNS round-robin will do 80% of the job, but there will be intermittent access
when one of the links goes down.

I've considered getting an account on a remote server, and just forward the
connections here, but that defeats the whole purpose of having the server

Is there anything I'm missing?



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