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RE: Multiple DSLs, and switching incoming route upon failure?

Are your DSL uplinks from different ISPs, or from the same IP provider?  If
they are differing providers, there is no way you can feasably implement
BGP.  If they are redundant paths to the same ISP you could ask them to
issue you a reserved ASN (65512 - 65535) and announce your /28 into their
network via ebgp sessions.  That makes a lot of assumptions about software
support on your router(s), and of their willingness to accomodate you, of

Realistically, you aren't going to make this happen.  Perhaps you could
participate in something like the 6BONE, or simply colocate your obviously
mission-critical services at your ISP.

- jsw

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I don't believe I'm subscribed to this list, so please cc me also. (I'm on
so many debian lists, and I put all of the low traffic ones in one

I already have multiple DSL links to the Internet, but I haven't done
anything more as far as incoming connections besides SMTP and a couple
others for remote workers.

The problem now is I want to put a FTP and DNS server up.  These by them
selves aren't a problem, but sometimes one of the DSLs will go down.

I'd only qualify for a /28 block of IPs, is there any way I can get bgp
routing at my shop?  I'm willing to read all the info I need, and have an
interest in this area anyway...

This message isn't meant to start a flame war about DSL reliability, as even
with fiber it is recommended to multi-home.

DNS round-robin will do 80% of the job, but there will be intermittent
when one of the links goes down.

I've considered getting an account on a remote server, and just forward the
connections here, but that defeats the whole purpose of having the server

Is there anything I'm missing?



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