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Re: Debian equivalent of rc.firewall??

On Sun, Dec 24, 2000 at 01:27:01AM +0000, Jim Breton wrote:
> On Sun, Dec 24, 2000 at 02:12:12AM +0100, Carel Fellinger wrote:
> > The problem with this is that I don't have an IP until after my outgoing
> > interface is set-up:( I get my dynamic IP through dpcpc, so how can I
> > get out this catch-22?
...good advice snipped

thanks for the ideas, it appears I was only immagining things thinking
that dhcp implied temporarely wide open interfaces, thanks god it isn't!
The down-side is that now I really really have to read up on ip-chains,
and I tried to defer it until I got a working 2.4 kernel with ip-tables.

> myself though... I am on dial-up. :( )

I'm lucky, I'm on a cable modem:)
This also means I only have this unsafe moment once a day, not
really an incentive to fix it, though.

groetjes, carel

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