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Re: Debian equivalent of rc.firewall??

On Sat, Dec 23, 2000 at 08:29:25PM +0000, Jim Breton wrote:
> On Sat, Dec 23, 2000 at 05:29:31PM +0100, Tamas TEVESZ wrote:
> >  > iface eth# inet static
> >  >         up /etc/network/firewall start
> >  >         down /etc/network/firewall stop
> > 
> > this is, if it works as i think it works, inherently bad. the fwchains
> > have to be initialized _before_ the interface has any chance to come
> > up.
> You are right, that would be better.  In such a case, using "pre-up" and
> "post-down" would be an improvement.

The problem with this is that I don't have an IP until after my outgoing
interface is set-up:( I get my dynamic IP through dpcpc, so how can I
get out this catch-22?

groetjes, carel

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