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Linux PPP router

If this isn't the most appropriate place to post this question, please let me know.
Here's what I have: Two machines, one Linux (running Slink) and one NT. Both machines have configured ethernet cards, and I can ping one machine from the other. The Linux box also has a modem which I use to connect to an ISP. I use pon/poff to connect, and the setup was configured with pppconfig.
Here's what I want to do: I want to use the Linux box to be the default gateway on this small network, and automatically dial my ISP when I use a web browser from the NT machine. The Linux box will be given a dynamic IP address from the ISP when it connects, so it will also have act as a proxy server. In the future (when my son decides he needs a computer too), I would like to be able to add new computers to this small home network and have the linux box do the same for these machines as well.
I have read the Dial On Demand-MiniHowTo, and honestly I have found it a little confusing. It talks about kerneld looking through the request-route file when ever it is presented with a route it doesn't know. It implies I should appropriately edit my request-route file. There is currently no request-route file on my computer. Do I have to make one, or is there something that I don't have installed that I need?
Is the information in the Dial On Demand-MiniHowTo current? Is there better/newer way to do this? I do have squid installed on my machine. Can this do what I want?
Any help in pointing me to the appropriate resources would be greatly appreciated.
Brad Stevenson, CET, MCP
Product Development & Support
NCA Microelectronics

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