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Re: Linux PPP router


    What you want to do is use the dial on demand stuff built into 
ppp (you'll need a newer ppp package I believe...I don't think slink
came with the dod built in to it...but not sure)...and then install 
the ipmasq package.  (ipasq will automatically handle ip masquerading
for you so that the NT machine can talk straight through (as if on the
internet itself) your linux machine.  This is basically what I use at home
except I've done more firewalling code ont he side and I use potato.

Your best bet is to make sure you use 2.2.x kernel's, along with the latest
ppp, and the ipmasq package.  


On Mon, Sep 13, 1999 at 08:47:27AM -0500, Brad Stevenson wrote:
> Hello,
> If this isn't the most appropriate place to post this question, please let me know.
> Here's what I have: Two machines, one Linux (running Slink) and one NT. Both machines have configured ethernet cards, and I can ping one machine from the other. The Linux box also has a modem which I use to connect to an ISP. I use pon/poff to connect, and the setup was configured with pppconfig.
> Here's what I want to do: I want to use the Linux box to be the default gateway on this small network, and automatically dial my ISP when I use a web browser from the NT machine. The Linux box will be given a dynamic IP address from the ISP when it connects, so it will also have act as a proxy server. In the future (when my son decides he needs a computer too), I would like to be able to add new computers to this small home network and have the linux box do the same for these machines as well.
> I have read the Dial On Demand-MiniHowTo, and honestly I have found it a little confusing. It talks about kerneld looking through the request-route file when ever it is presented with a route it doesn't know. It implies I should appropriately edit my request-route file. There is currently no request-route file on my computer. Do I have to make one, or is there something that I don't have installed that I need?
> Is the information in the Dial On Demand-MiniHowTo current? Is there better/newer way to do this? I do have squid installed on my machine. Can this do what I want? 
> Any help in pointing me to the appropriate resources would be greatly appreciated.
> Cheers
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