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Re: Linux PPP router

Synopsis for Brad Stevenson's query:
	o 2 machines, one Linux, one NT
	o Linux machine has modem, connects to ISP
	o Would like to use Linux box as proxy for LAN

> I have read the Dial On Demand-MiniHowTo, and honestly I have
> found it a little confusing. It talks about kerneld looking
> through the request-route file when ever it is presented with a
> route it doesn't know. It implies I should appropriately edit my
> request-route file. There is currently no request-route file on my
> computer. Do I have to make one, or is there something that I
> don't have installed that I need?

As someone else suggested, you need to do the following:

	o Install a firewall kernel

	This means that you may have to recompile your kernel
	to use the ipfwadm (2.0 kernels) or ipchains (2.2 kernels)
	firewall/masquerade tools.  See man: ipfwadm, ipchains;
	IP-Chains-HOWTO.gz, Firewall-HOWTO.gz.  Kernel-HOWTO.gz

	o Install "ipmasq" debian package

	This is an automated firewall/masquerade package.  It will
	get you up and running with a masquerade until you can learn
	more of the intricacies of ipfwadm or ipchains.  Set it up
	so that it runs when you connect to your ISP via PPP (it will
	be an option in the installation script).

	o Use the "dial on demand" feature of Pppd.

	Since you're successfully using pppd to connect to your ISP,
	not much will change here.  Just add the "demand" and
	"idle" options to regulate the connection.  See man: pppd.

Problems I've had:

For some reason, I haven't been entirely successful with this setup.
When the "ipmasq" reevaluates the network each time the connection is
created or dropped, it blocks my requests to get to the internet (or
something), therefore blocking the "dial-on-demand" feature.  I'm
going to experiment a little with this, as I'm going to wire up the
house to let my parents connect to the internet with their computer
through my linux machine.

Anyway, good luck, and if anyone has any suggestions on how to get
this to work, as it doesn't work "out of the box" for me, please let
us know.



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