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Re: Linux PPP router

On Mon, Sep 13, 1999 at 08:47:27AM -0500, Brad Stevenson wrote:

> Here's what I want to do: I want to use the Linux box to be
> the default gateway on this small network, and automatically
> dial my ISP when I use a web browser from the NT machine. The
> Linux box will be given a dynamic IP address from the ISP when
> it connects, so it will also have act as a proxy server. In
> the future (when my son decides he needs a computer too), I
> would like to be able to add new computers to this small home
> network and have the linux box do the same for these machines
> as well.

I would suggest using ``diald'' for the dial-on-demand part. 
It's more configurable than using the demand option of pppd.

I would run a http proxy such as squid instead of masquerading.
Masquerading (also known as NAT) can be tough to configure if
you're not too familiar with firewalls on Linux.  Besides,
caching may prove to be quite useful for your home network.

The router would have ip forwarding disabled and would not
require the firewalling code compiled in.  Disable unneeded
services an you should be ready.


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