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Re: Last call on ? able _nec-build_ packages


	I have never run modconf ;-). I do not know if dialog is

	tar and gzip are required by dpkg.

	I think maybe the best bet would be to create symlinks from
 all these files to /dev/fd0/$file; so to use dpkg; tar. diff; gzip
 you need to just mount a floppy. 

	You can fit a fair lot on the floppy.

	I think we should create a script that; when run on a bastion
 machine, copies a set of relevant files over to the flopyy, creating
 symlinks in the wake. Test if foppy is mounted, and do not move
 symlinks, to make this idempotent.

	Most of the time, the floppy is not mounted (or even in the
 drive). The sysadmin puts in the floppy, and mounts it

	I think log rotation uses gzip as well.

	One can even create an undo option; Put in the floppy; undo
 the symlinks; upgrade the packages; redo the symlinks; remove floppy.


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