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Re: Last call on ? able _nec-build_ packages

On 4 Mar 1998, Manoj Srivastava wrote:

> Hi,
> 	I have never run modconf ;-). I do not know if dialog is
>  required. 

It is listed as a "depends:".  Is it part of the installation process?

I guess we'll just cut it and see what happens.

> 	tar and gzip are required by dpkg.
> 	I think maybe the best bet would be to create symlinks from
>  all these files to /dev/fd0/$file; so to use dpkg; tar. diff; gzip
>  you need to just mount a floppy. 
> 	You can fit a fair lot on the floppy.

I've marked these as "floppy" for later use in the packages list.

> 	I think we should create a script that; when run on a bastion
>  machine, copies a set of relevant files over to the flopyy, creating
>  symlinks in the wake. Test if foppy is mounted, and do not move
>  symlinks, to make this idempotent.
> 	Most of the time, the floppy is not mounted (or even in the
>  drive). The sysadmin puts in the floppy, and mounts it
>  formaintainence. 
> 	I think log rotation uses gzip as well.
> 	One can even create an undo option; Put in the floppy; undo
>  the symlinks; upgrade the packages; redo the symlinks; remove floppy.

That sounds like a good plan.

Henry Hollenberg     speed@barney.iamerica.net

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