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[lists.debian.nl] Bug#342569: lists.debian.org: request for debian-events-nl mailing list

Package: lists.debian.org
Severity: wishlist


Could debian-events-nl@lists.debian.org please get created?  Since this
list will be the new home for a long-existing list (developers@debian.nl
is in X-Debbugs-Cc), it'd be cool if the current subscriber-list could
move along with it.  I'll sent that in a private encrypted mail.  I'll
also sent an URL of the current list-archive in mbox-format in that
mail.  It'd be very nice if this could get published on the webarchive.

There has been some discussion about wether the name of the new list is
well chosen; some people have mentioned
debian-devel-dutch@lists.debian.org.  If there are good new reasons to
choose the devel-dutch-name, I don't object.




 This list would be the new home for developers@debian.nl aka
 debdev@info.cistron.nl.  This list was started before 2001-02; every
 month a couple of posts are done.  It is used mainly to announce
 meetings and keysigning parties of Dutch Debian Developers.

 We ask for moving this list to increase its visibility, and also
 since the current hoster is leaving the Netherlands; the server is
 going off line.

 Currently, 45 adresses are subscribed to the list.

Short description:

 Local Debian events in the Netherlands

Long description:

 Announcements of small meetings and keysigning parties of Dutch
 Debian Developers, and other discussions of interest mainly for
 Debian people in the Netherlands.  Both posts in Dutch and English
 are common.


 Miscellaneous Debian

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