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Re: [debian.nl] :-) smile to the future of this list


Quoting Geert Stappers (stappers@stappers.nl):
> On Tue, Mar 23, 2004 at 10:56:37PM +0100, Alex de Landgraaf wrote:
> > Stupid question, but why not apply for a debian-devel-dutch list on
> > lists.debian.org? Wouldn't that be somewhat easier and less time-consuming? :)
> With an other advantage that this list will be more visible.

Isn't that the only advantage ? AFAIK the debian.org lists also have no
protection against spam, and I don't think the red tape involved with moving
stuff to lists.d.o weighs up against the 'іmproved visibility' (which in
turn also will result in more spam).

> > > - Close the list alltogether
> > > Non-option IMHO
> After creation of debian-devel-dutch it is

If there's a less spammy alternative, yes ;)

> > > - Close the list for non-subscribers
> > > This will filter lots of spam, but will disallow Cc's from offlist, and will
> > > eat moderation time (unless i flat-out reject offlist postings, which will
> > > save lots of time, but will effectively disconnect us)
> I second that, leave the lists open to non-subscribers.

We probably agree on this. ;)

> > > - Put anti-spam measures in place
> > > I have some reasonably good experiences with spamassassin, extremely good
> > > experiences with dspam. Combining this with something like amavis will clean
> > > stuff up good. But this needs quite some work. Probably I will need to move
> > > the list to a different machine then, even.
> Use the "sfp" trick, content filtering is evil.

SPF won't do much good unless everyone that matters is using it. (I assume
you mean SPF, not SFP) Sender verification will only matter when we start to
receive lots of spam with forged envelope senders within SPF enabled
domains. Apart from that, it needs even more mailserver configchanges ;)
As far as the content filtering stuff, that's probably a religious issue. I
think I can safely say that there is no need for attachments on this list;
simply dropping mail with attachments of any kind (or selected evil kinds -
by extension or amavis) will improve things. Keeping remote mailers in line
(strictifying SMTP conversation, doing sender callouts) helps a lot too. I
admit content filtering is evil, but I disagree when you're talking about
filtering content on well-weighted criteria (such as provable virus
content). People who filter mail that contains words like 'fuck' should be
taken out and shot.

> > > Any comments ?
> Thank you for replying on the E-mail with the stupid ":-)" subject line,
> I did delete it without reading.

Oh sorry, I neglected to change the subject line. My replying-on-the-spam
was intentional :)

> Thank you for starting this discussion.

NP, just trying to cut down on the amount of crap entering and leaving my
systems ;)

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