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Re: [debian.nl] :-)


Quoting dth@lin-gen.com (dth@lin-gen.com):
>  Argh, i  don't  like  the  plaintext :)

Well, the ratio spam:content is getting annoyingly high, lately. I'm
pondering on efficient anti spam measures on this list. There are a couple
of options, listed below in order of 'easyness to implement'. I thought i'd
throw this on-list first to get some comments; if i don't get any, i'll just
think of something myself ;)

I can:
- Close the list alltogether
Non-option IMHO
- Close the list for non-subscribers
This will filter lots of spam, but will disallow Cc's from offlist, and will
eat moderation time (unless i flat-out reject offlist postings, which will
save lots of time, but will effectively disconnect us)
- Put anti-spam measures in place
I have some reasonably good experiences with spamassassin, extremely good
experiences with dspam. Combining this with something like amavis will clean
stuff up good. But this needs quite some work. Probably I will need to move
the list to a different machine then, even.

Any comments ?

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