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Re: [debian.nl] Visiting Amsterdam, keysigning?


||  I now know the hotel: The Bastion, in Almere. According to Google, the
||  address should be "Audioweg 1, 1322 AT Almere", on the Almere ring road,
||  at the junction Almere-Stad-West (S101) off the A6. Hopefully that means
||  something to someone, I'll be taken there with a taxi. It is supposedly
||  fairly near Amsterdam center (15-20 minutes?) so I assume I will be able
||  to go somewhere to meet people, or if all else fails, perhaps you can
||  get to me at the hotel.
||  (Again, +358 40 555 0356 is my mobile phone. I don't know whether I'll
||  be able to read mail during the trip. I'll be leaving tomorrow
||  afternoon, Finnish time.)

I think that 15-20 minutes is measured by car, but it's optimistic
considering possible traffic jams, and you'd have to have a car,
and you'd have to park it somewhere in Amsterdam which is not easy
either. And you can't drink :-).

Public transport is fairly good here usually, at least compared
to abroad (of course nobody every thinks public transport is good
enough). Timetables give a trainride of 23 minutes from Almere Muziekwijk
to Amsterdam Central, but then you still have to get to the station
in Almere, though a taxi or slightly cheaper "train taxi" would be
comfortable and simple.

Go here for the official railroad site:


Ciao.                                                            Vincent.

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