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minidebconf planned in Berlin

Hi list,

We are a group of people that, after an initial idea from Joerg Jaspert, want to 
organize a mini-debconf in Berlin for LinuxTag 2010. We are not members of 
Debian directly but come from Skolelinux, sidux or are just strongly related to 

LinuxTag Berlin is held on June 09 - 12 this year. We plan for a 2 day 
conference on June 10/11.
So far we have done first preparations like talking to Messe Berlin (the location 
where LinuxTag is held) to see what kind of rooms we can rent. Now, before 
trying to raise money and move on with setting this up we would like to have 
some feedback, ideas, help and intent for participation from you.

Would such a conference draw any of you to LT/Berlin that would not visit the 
convention anyways?
With the Freeze for Debian 6 drawing closer a BSP would probably be a good idea?
We need some help to make this happen. A lot of things have to be done, for

* setting up a programm with talks and lectures
* finding helpers for the video team
* raising money from sponsors and/or other ressources
* setting up a pentabarf to keep things tidy
* ...and everything we might have missed at this point

What other things may be of interest for such a conference?
Given that the feedback makes us believe its worth the effort we will establish a 
wiki page. An IRC channel was set up on OFTC  #debian-miniconf-berlin. We also 
have local meetings in Berlin (dates are in the channel topic) where everyone is 
welcome to join that lives here or is in town. 
So, what do you think?


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