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Re: minidebconf planned in Berlin

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Enhances: Debian, Berlin
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On Wed, Feb 10, 2010 at 05:37:45PM +0100, Ferdinand Thommes wrote:
> We are a group of people that, after an initial idea from Joerg Jaspert, want to 
> organize a mini-debconf in Berlin for LinuxTag 2010. We are not members of 
> Debian directly but come from Skolelinux, sidux or are just strongly related to 
> Debian.

Thank you!

> LinuxTag Berlin is held on June 09 - 12 this year. We plan for a 2 day 
> conference on June 10/11.
> So far we have done first preparations like talking to Messe Berlin (the location 
> where LinuxTag is held) to see what kind of rooms we can rent. Now, before 
> trying to raise money and move on with setting this up we would like to have 
> some feedback, ideas, help and intent for participation from you.
> Would such a conference draw any of you to LT/Berlin that would not visit the 
> convention anyways?

Don't know, I was planning to be there anyways. :) Now you've got it into
my planner and it hopefully stays there.

I'd also like to see a BSP there. Maybe I can attend at a few planning
meetings to bring in some suggestions.

Thanks again!

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