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Re: minidebconf planned in Berlin

> * setting up a programm with talks and lectures
> * finding helpers for the video team

> * ...and everything we might have missed at this point

.debconf.org can be used for minidebconfs, as long as it doesnt
interfere with the main DebConf. In the past that meant for example
domain names (miniconf5,6,7,10, panama-mini for example), lists and such
stuff. Those had been pointers elsewhere, though giving out webspace on
.dc.o hosts directly is fine too and I actually prefer that, as it makes
archiving easier.

> * setting up a pentabarf to keep things tidy

Setting up and running a pentabarf is quite some work which should be
avoided to duplicate.
We already have an instance running, so one could think of using that
for a miniconf too. Or maybe run a second instance, solely dedicated to
all coming miniconfs, depending on how much it interferes with the main
conf (as that always has precedence, of course). But duplication should
be avoided, ie each miniconf doing its own.

Though, depending on the amount of talks and people, a wiki page might
also be enough. (wiki.debconf.org or wiki.debian.org. The first if you
go .dc.o with other stuff, the second if not).

bye, Joerg
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