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Re: minidebconf planned in Berlin


On Mittwoch, 10. Februar 2010, Ferdinand Thommes wrote:
> We are a group of people that, after an initial idea from Joerg Jaspert,
> want to organize a mini-debconf in Berlin for LinuxTag 2010. We are not
> members of Debian directly but come from Skolelinux, sidux or are just
> strongly related to Debian.


> Would such a conference draw any of you to LT/Berlin that would not visit
> the convention anyways?

probably, yes. 

> With the Freeze for Debian 6 drawing closer a BSP would probably be a good
> idea?


> * setting up a programm with talks and lectures
> * finding helpers for the video team

I'm happy to explain (on debconf-video@lists.debconf.org) how our stuff works.

http://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/Videoteam/Software is a good pointer as is 

> * setting up a pentabarf to keep things tidy

I suggest to use penta.debconf.org and set a precendence for other mini 
debconf! ;-)

> So, what do you think?

Great idea! 


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