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Re: Cebit booth


* Martin Schulze <joey@infodrom.org> [070312 18:46]:

> > Well... since we have the machines for the next couple of events,
> > wouldn't that be the perfect moment to ask the DPL for the monay to buy
> > two keyboards and mouses?
> Keyboard and mouse?  Check a Saturn next to you, sometimes they have
> these USB combos for 5,--, and they're even usable.  Only caveat: they're
> USB and not all BIOSes cope with them.  Sending such stuff is more
> expensive than purchasing new.

There might be a missunderstanding here:  We have three of the Lufthansa
Computers available for fairs and events (like we used to had
codebreakers "big box").  So it will be a common problem to have
keyboards and mouses for events.  So buying two of each might be a good
idea; if we send the computers to somewhere, it won't be much more
expensive to keyboards with them ;)

But yes, cheap ones should be fine.

Yours sincerely,

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