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Re: Cebit booth

Joerg Jaspert said/sagte on/am 12.03.2007 17:33:
> On 10945 March 1977, Joerg Jaspert wrote:
>> We will have 3 machines at our booth, one server (including a mirror)
>> and 2 desktops. I am planning to have one of the two desktops running
>> babelbox.
>> While we have the machines we need one monitor, keyboards, mouse, cable
>> stuff. Whoever has some of that - please speak up.
> The response to this wasnt so great - exactly 0 mails, so yet again:
> Somewhere from that area who has (one) TFT, a bit of mouse and keyboard
> and cable stuff he can give us for the booth?

I can offer a keyboard and cables, I do not have a spare screen though,
except for a very blurry 19" CRT that comes with headache included.


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