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Re: Cebit booth

Alexander Schmehl wrote:
> > > While we have the machines we need one monitor, keyboards, mouse, cable
> > > stuff. Whoever has some of that - please speak up.
> > Somewhere from that area who has (one) TFT, a bit of mouse and keyboard
> > and cable stuff he can give us for the booth?
> Well... since we have the machines for the next couple of events,
> wouldn't that be the perfect moment to ask the DPL for the monay to buy
> two keyboards and mouses?

Keyboard and mouse?  Check a Saturn next to you, sometimes they have
these USB combos for 5,--, and they're even usable.  Only caveat: they're
USB and not all BIOSes cope with them.  Sending such stuff is more
expensive than purchasing new.



Those who don't understand Unix are condemned to reinvent it, poorly.

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