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Re: Cebit booth

On 10917 March 1977, Joerg Jaspert wrote:

> This years Cebit will run from 15 til 21 March 2007 in Hannover. Debian
> gets a booth there, sponsored by LinuxNewMedia. I will do the organizing
> part for this.

Right, so to come back to this, the booth will be in Hall 5, booth
number follows as soon as I got it.

> Ok, now for the booth. We need people to be there during the time, so if
> you can afford a bit of spare time - send me a mail when.

That currently is me for the whole time, Thomas Lange (unknown which
day(s)) and Rene Stegmaier, who can also help out. Someone else who is
there? We have 2 exhibitor passes again this year for us.

Now, behind the scenes we tried to come up with a DVD image to hand out
at the booth. Unfortunately that didnt work out, for various reasons,
but also including sponsors that prefer to wait for the etch release
before the next image is done for such an event. Sad but understandable.

As we arent allowed to sell anything on Cebit this means we will only be
able to give out flyers this year.

We will have 3 machines at our booth, one server (including a mirror)
and 2 desktops. I am planning to have one of the two desktops running

While we have the machines we need one monitor, keyboards, mouse, cable
stuff. Whoever has some of that - please speak up.

bye Joerg
<Joey> Joey, provide a patch then.

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