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FOSDEM 2007 -- sharing a Devroom?


The FOSDEM organizers have asked me whether we'd be okay with sharing a
Developer's room together with the people from Ubuntu.

For me personally, that's okay; for the last two years we did have a
full schedule, but only barely so -- I've only had to refuse a very
small number of people (one person two years ago, and I'm not even sure
whether I had to refuse talks last year). And contrary to the
Debian/Java devroom experiment we had three years ago, at least Ubuntu
is related to Debian in some ways.

Of course, if I'm alone with this opinion, then I'll communicate that
back to the FOSDEM people -- but it should be noted that due to the fact
that FOSDEM keeps growing in number of visitors (but not in time or in
number of rooms they get), it's probably a good idea to allow this type
of sharing from our side, so that more projects can in fact get a


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