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Re: FOSDEM 2007 -- sharing a Devroom?

also sprach Wouter Verhelst <wouter@debian.org> [2006.10.29.0118 +0200]:
> The FOSDEM organizers have asked me whether we'd be okay with sharing a
> Developer's room together with the people from Ubuntu.

What's the motivation? Aren't there enough devrooms? Or are you
afraid we can't fill the schedule? If either of those is yes, then
my answers to sharing with Ubuntu would be yes/no respectively --
I certainly think we can fill the schedule (and would be prepared to
do my part), but I don't want to occupy too much space, which is
what I think you're hinting at.

That said, it *would* be cool to have a full-day, moderated event
for information exchange between Debian and Ubuntu devels. I just
wouldn't like it if we more prominent Ubuntu developers than Debian
folks, so it should be kept roughly equal.

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