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Re: FOSDEM 2007 -- sharing a Devroom?

Wouter Verhelst wrote:
>The FOSDEM organizers have asked me whether we'd be okay with sharing a
>Developer's room together with the people from Ubuntu.
>For me personally, that's okay; for the last two years we did have a
>full schedule, but only barely so -- I've only had to refuse a very
>small number of people (one person two years ago, and I'm not even sure
>whether I had to refuse talks last year). And contrary to the
>Debian/Java devroom experiment we had three years ago, at least Ubuntu
>is related to Debian in some ways.
>Of course, if I'm alone with this opinion, then I'll communicate that
>back to the FOSDEM people -- but it should be noted that due to the fact
>that FOSDEM keeps growing in number of visitors (but not in time or in
>number of rooms they get), it's probably a good idea to allow this type
>of sharing from our side, so that more projects can in fact get a

It sounds reasonable-ish, but rather than just Debian and Ubuntu I'd
rather see a devroom specifically for Debian and *all* Debian-derived
distros. If Ubuntu happen to be the only other group who turn up, then
fine. But at least up-front let's make it more inclusive if we
can. How does that sound?

Steve McIntyre, Cambridge, UK.                                steve@einval.com
"Every time you use Tcl, God kills a kitten." -- Malcolm Ray

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