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Re: FOSDEM 2007 -- sharing a Devroom?

Wouter Verhelst schrieb am Sonntag, den 29. Oktober 2006:

> Hi,
> The FOSDEM organizers have asked me whether we'd be okay with sharing a
> Developer's room together with the people from Ubuntu.

> Opinions?
I don't see any reason for that, in my oppinion ubuntu is not nearer to
debian than xandros, knoppix or any other derivate. So why share with them
and not with others? Also I don't want to create the impression that debian
has much to do with ubuntu, which is in fact not the case. Additionally the
userbase is different. If I decide to do a debian talk I don't want to answer
ubuntu question, I don't know anything about ubuntu and I don't want to
(thats not an offense, just a fact, as I don't care for xandros or knoppix).
Also the debian room was pretty crowded last times, with the release of etch
(hopefully) this will even be much worser next time and to have an additional
group of users won't help. Hmm thats most of my reasons I tried to leave my
personal stuff out of that, if somebody is offended I'm sorry. 

Just my 2 cent 


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