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about videos from the FOSDEM debian developers room


some people from the debconf video team will meet at FOSDEM to further 
discuss, plan and evaluate the video setup for debconf6 in Oaxtepec this May. 

As recent smaller debian meetings have shown, it's relativly easy to do (less 
sophisticated) recordings of smaller gatherings with one DV cam and one 
camera operator.

http://www.fosdem.org/2006/index/dev_room_debian/schedule lists ten talks 
which we would like to record (and later publish at 
http://meetings-archive.debian.net/pub/debian-meetings/2006/) - _with your 
help only_ - so we will also have time to prepare debconf6 video stuff.

So we're looking for ten camera operators for those ten talks! :-) (Of course 
if you want to do more than one talk you're very much welcome to do so...)

If you already know you want to listen to a specific talk, so you'll be there 
anyway, please think about operating the camera (it's easy and you'll be able 
to listen well), so that other people who will not make it to fosdem, have a 
chance to see it at home AND so that the debconf video people will be able to 
find some time to do stuff :-)

Thanks for your consideration and even more for actual help ;-) 

Drop a note or drop by to get involved!


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