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Re: about videos from the FOSDEM debian developers room


On Wednesday 15 February 2006 12:47, Holger Levsen wrote:
> some people from the debconf video team will meet at FOSDEM to further
> discuss, plan and evaluate the video setup for debconf6 in Oaxtepec this
> May.

We'll have one dv camera available for recording the debian developers room 
talks. So far so good.

But we also want(ed) to have another camera, to test streaming for debconf6 
and to dvgrab talks while we record with the other camera. (So that the 
videos can be published much faster after fosdem.) But unfortunatly this 2nd 
camera will not be available. 

So I would like to ask, if somebody can bring a dv camera to fosdem and lend 
it to us/me ? 

	Holger (I won't be reading mail till tomorrow afternoon...)

P.S.: to be perfectly clear: streaming from debconf6 is still just an option 
we're currently investigating... it might happen or not. Though you can help 
to make it happen by bringing a camera :-) there _might_ be others blockers, 
like in-sufficient upstream in Mexico... We'll see, but we would like to be 

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