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Re: Flyer Re-print for CeBIT

Quoting Martin Zobel-Helas <zobel@ftbfs.de>:
> as most of the German Debian Flyers disapeared with last years CeBIT, we
> decided to reprint this for CeBIT. For this i took the latest CVS
> Version. There is one thing i would like to change: I would like to add
> AMD64 to the list of architectures.
> At [1] you can find the version we would give to the prining office. If
> you have any corrections or annotations, please speak up 'til Tuesday

This is not urgent, but we should change the list of software
packages to reflect non-geek popularity, e.g.:

1. [net clients] Firefox, Mozilla, Thunderbird, evolution, gpg,
   ssh, chat, file sharing, (VoIP?)
2. [office] OOo, gnumeric, Abiword, text editors: Emacs, vim
3. [multimedia] GIMP, dia, Inkscape, media players: totem,
   rhythmbox, sound editor: audacity
4. [desktop] X11, GNOME, KDE, XFCE4
5. [server] Apache, Samba, PostgreSQL, MySQL, telephony: Asterisk
6. [development] languages: C, C++, Java, Python, Perl, IDE:
   Anjuta, GUI builders: gazpacho, glade
7. [doc tools] TeX, LaTex, Ghostscript, XML, HTML, DocBook

IMHO, seven areas are enough and there is no need to mention PPP
and other things people expect anyway or don't know at all.

Cheers, WB

Btw., how about:
< consists of more than 10 CDs.
> consists of 2 DVDs or 14 CDs.

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