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Re: Flyer Re-print for CeBIT


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Op wo 15 feb 2006 om 02:41:52 +0100 schreef W. Borgert:
> Quoting Martin Zobel-Helas <zobel@ftbfs.de>:
> > as most of the German Debian Flyers disapeared with last years CeBIT, we
> > decided to reprint this for CeBIT. For this i took the latest CVS
> > Version. There is one thing i would like to change: I would like to add
> > AMD64 to the list of architectures.
> >
> > At [1] you can find the version we would give to the prining office. If
> > you have any corrections or annotations, please speak up 'til Tuesday
> This is not urgent, but we should change the list of software
> packages to reflect non-geek popularity, e.g.:
> 1. [net clients] Firefox, Mozilla, Thunderbird, evolution, gpg,
>    ssh, chat, file sharing, (VoIP?)
> 2. [office] OOo, gnumeric, Abiword, text editors: Emacs, vim
> 3. [multimedia] GIMP, dia, Inkscape, media players: totem,
>    rhythmbox, sound editor: audacity
> 4. [desktop] X11, GNOME, KDE, XFCE4
> 5. [server] Apache, Samba, PostgreSQL, MySQL, telephony: Asterisk
> 6. [development] languages: C, C++, Java, Python, Perl, IDE:
>    Anjuta, GUI builders: gazpacho, glade
> 7. [doc tools] TeX, LaTex, Ghostscript, XML, HTML, DocBook
> IMHO, seven areas are enough and there is no need to mention PPP
> and other things people expect anyway or don't know at all.

Sounds good.  (I assume you are sure totem, rhythmbox, audacity and
gazpacho are stable and likely will be around for the next, say, 3
years; I don't know these tools well enough myself).  Care for preparing
a patch?

> Btw., how about:
> < consists of more than 10 CDs.
> > consists of 2 DVDs or 14 CDs.

Please keep in mind: changing stuff in the flyer is expensive: we have 8
translations in risk of getting out of sync.  There are probably piles
of printed flyers getting out of date.  Therefore, try to keep the
text as time-resistant as possible.  So, I'd say:

 consists of 2 DVDs or more than 14 CDs.



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