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Re: Debian-Projekt auf der ApacheCon? [lars@apache.org]

Meike Reichle wrote on 30/06/2005 20:47:

I just had a small chat with Lars Eilebrecht (the one who invited Debian
to ApacheCon), since he basically sits next door (is a colleague).

> I think, in order to do decent planning and preperations we should soon
> decide whether or not Debian will be represented at ApacheCon. So far we
> have one person who can definitely come (me) and another one who could, but
> is actually on holiday (Alexander). However, both of us are not directly
> concerned with apache.
> This raises a few questions:
> 1) Is that enough?

I don't know if that is enough people, but it is probably enough
knowledge. Lars said they don't expect people at the Debian booth to be
fit regarding Apache (and other Apache foundation software like tomcat
or spamassassin), but they should have decent knowledge of the product
they are presenting (i.e. Debian). He expects enough Apache people to be
there to answer Apache specific stuff, but there will probably be plenty
of sysadmin folks, which might have a general interest in Debian.

> 2) Who else (especially of these who are "apache-competent") could come?

I can't, sorry.

> 3) If we do go there what needs to be done/organised/prepared ...

Can't say much about these, since I only saw this question after talking
to Lars. You should probably bring:
Posters, Laptop, Pens (Edding or whatever), sello-tape/duct-tape
I think table, booth walls etc. are provided by the ApacheCon people,
but to make sure, ask lars@apache.org.


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