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Re: Debian Project at OSS Symposium, LinuxTag and DebConf


* Martin Schulze <joey@infodrom.org> [2005-06-29 12:43:48 +0200]:

>Ajitabh Pandey wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Sorry to directly approach you on your personal email id, but I thought it is
>> not a list topic. I read about the Debian day and the other conferences by
>> this email. It would not be possible for me to attend these, but I am
>> interested if after the debian day a copy of the talks is made available on
>> the debian website or somewhere else.
>Please drop a note on debian-events-eu@lists.debian.org.

It would be nice if a copy of the talks made on the Debian Day and other
conferences is made available on the debian web site or somewhere else.

Ajitabh Pandey
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