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Re: Debian-Projekt auf der ApacheCon? [lars@apache.org]

* David N. Welton <davidw@dedasys.com> [050629 08:10]:
> I may be there, but I don't really think I'd have time to do a booth.

So far it looks like we would have enough volunteers to man (and woman)
a booth, but most seems to lack deeper knowledge of apache, which might
be... uhm... unexpected at the apachecon ;)

IIRC you are involved somehow?  Then having the possibilitie to point
visitors to you for the more "tricky" questions, would be fine.

Note:  I might be able to join down there, too, still some days vacation
left ;)

Okay, so I'll get in contact with... whoever it was whose mail I
forwarded, asking for details.

Yours sincerely,


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