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booth staff Chemnitzerer Linuxtag


Orginziers of the Chemnitzer Linuxtag have requestet need some data of
those who will be at our booth.

Currently I have the following people on my list:
- myself
- Noèl Köthe
- Andreas Tille
- Nico Golde
- Martin Loschwitz
- Silke Reimer

(Yes, I will point out, if you are allready delivering a talk, to avoid
double booking.)

If you are not listed above but would like to attend Chemnitzer
Linuxtag, and are willing to do some work at our booth, mail me ASAP
(much before the end of this month, the sooner the better):
- your name
- if you would like to do "indoor camping" (accomodation in the gym)
- if you would like to attend the Get-Together-Party (yes, you want

Yours sincerely,

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