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Speaker needed for LinuxPro in Prague

I gave a talk about Debian at LinuxPro in Warsaw in November.  The
organizers have a similar event in February (23/24) in Prague (Czech
Republic).  Since I'm leaving to a conference in China a few days
after LinuxPro, I don't think I can attend this conference.  I'm
therefore looking for someone who'd like to talk about Debian at
LinuxPro in Prague.

Based on my experience in Warsaw, the conference is fairly business
oriented.  Either a general talk about Debian and how the project
works or a talk about Debian for enterprises would be best.

If you're interested in speaking there, please mail me privately.
More information is below.

> Software - Conference team organized "Linux in professional
> applications conference - LinuxPro 2005" on 23 - 24th February 2005
> in Prague.

> LinuxPro - is an excellent oportunity to meet users and creators of
> Linux solutions, it is also an overview of applications of Linux
> environment and software which is dedicated to it as a basis of
> building efficient, stable and safe professional solutions.

> During two days of the metting,  in to parallel two sesions, will
> proceed over 20 lectures. 

> Conference themes:
>  - System management 
>  - Cluster solutions 
>  - Developing tools and solutions 
>  - System and application stability 
>  - Databases 
>  - Internet technologies and solutions 
> More details you can find on: www.linuxpro.pl

Martin Michlmayr

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