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my name is Sven Woinke, im representing a small IT company in germany.
Our main field is Network deploing and supporting firms and institutes wich have chosen to use opensource products.
At the 5. and 6. March of this year theres a tradeshow in our at our town.
Our firm is planning to exhibit at this tradeshow witth some OpenSource productes as well.
We curently want to present :

-Mozilla, Firefox, Thunderbird
-Debian Linux

We are now looking for some support from the projekt groups, we would like to recive some Posters, Flyer , etc. to dress up our booth.

I would be glad to hear from you soon.

PS: my english might be a litte poor,  sorry for that.
Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Sven Woinke

Büro: 05235 / 501622
Fax: 05235 / 5015830
Mobil: 0151 / 14176971
Email: woinke@it-woinke.de <mailto:woinke@it-woinke.de>
Internet : http://www.it-woinke.de/ <http://www.it.woinke.de/>
Shop: http://www.shop.it-woinke.de/

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