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Re: critics about our presence at LinuxTag 2004

Good morning!

* Martin Schulze <joey@infodrom.org> [040707 22:11]:

>> Also, we might want to consider pleading for a seperate 'Custom Debian
>> Projects' booth right next to ours for the next LT (just like Linux
>> ports), I believe a huge percentage of visitors were interested in them,
>> so I think it be worthwhile to split it of for the benefit of both.
> I guess, we should first decide whether such a space is needed,
> i.e. did the sub-projects at the booth use enough space?  Did they use
> too much space judging by interested visitors?

Well, I think the sub-projects "corner" was quite narrow. If Adamantix
would have arrived, too, it would have become nearly impossible to take
visitors there and show them the project and answer them questions.

> I, as a LinuxTag organiser, do have a problem with a third (fourth?)
> Debian booth. 

I can understand you point and would like to add an other one: Who will
organize that booth?

> I'd rather have Debian organise the booth more like the KDE project,
> i.e. concentrate on core information.

Could you be more verbose please? Any other hints beside the "move
merchandising somewhere else" point (of which I think more positive than
in my last mail about that)?

I'm not sure, if KDE is an good example, since I think, they used  big
part (one half?) of their booth looked to me like their private hacking
area. I didn't saw visitors there only their own people on the first
days (but I didn't visited their booth very often).

Yours sincerely,

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