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Re: critics about our presence at LinuxTag 2004

Michael Banck wrote:
> Well, perhaps it should be made perfectly clear before LT that people
> who are not on shift should not be inside of the booth.

Hmm, I thought that (a) that was logical, (b) this was indicated by
creating shifts and (c) that somebody said so before, but maybe that
was just my wishful thinking.

> Anyway, the nice idea of having official booth staff indicated by the
> official polo shirts didn't work out so well.

Out of curiosity, which part of it didnt't work out well?

> > Not a permanent solution, but workable: Have a *visible* hacking/hanging
> > out area where people can gather. 
> Sure, but it should be seperate from the booth. This was actually the
> case last year and less so this year (no chairs/tables at all, and it
> was highly unofficial, AFAICT). I agree that we should definetely have a
> place where 2+ people can sit together with their notebooks and solve
> problems would be nice. Unfortunately, the network access at the AKK
> seemed to be less than ideal as well.

Unfortunately the unused space of the exhibition hall was used quite
differently than last year, so this became a problem.  I hope that I
can provide a better solution next year.

> I think our strategy for next year should be to offer the
> non-booth-staff people a nice place to hack/relax/sleep/talk where they
> would happily go instead of staying around at the booth, where it would
> be less comfortable.

Agreed.  Any ideas that don't affect loads of money?

> Also, we might want to consider pleading for a seperate 'Custom Debian
> Projects' booth right next to ours for the next LT (just like Linux
> ports), I believe a huge percentage of visitors were interested in them,
> so I think it be worthwhile to split it of for the benefit of both.

I guess, we should first decide whether such a space is needed,
i.e. did the sub-projects at the booth use enough space?  Did they use
too much space judging by interested visitors?

I, as a LinuxTag organiser, do have a problem with a third (fourth?)
Debian booth.  We already had Debian, Linux-Ports and Skolelinux.  I'd
rather have Debian organise the booth more like the KDE project,
i.e. concentrate on core information.



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