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Re: critics about our presence at LinuxTag 2004

Alexander Schmehl wrote:
> > I'd rather have Debian organise the booth more like the KDE project,
> > i.e. concentrate on core information.
> Could you be more verbose please? Any other hints beside the "move
> merchandising somewhere else" point (of which I think more positive than
> in my last mail about that)?

We should invite Ralf Nolden or Torsten Rahn to talk about their own
booth organisation.

The KDE booth comprised of a number of presentation desks, i.e. desks
that had a comuter on it for visitor demoing.  It was planned to have
seven of these and demonstrate core parts of the project on each of

    1. KDE ??? The integrative Desktop
    2. KDevelop ??? RAD with KDevelop and Qt (?)
    3. KWebDev ??? WebSuite for Linux
    4. KDE EDU ??? Science and Edutainment with KDE
    5. Kiosk /KDE on Thin-Clients Åccessibility
    6. KDE PIM /Kontact ??? Groupware for Linux
    7. KOffice ??? Linux in the Office

Granted, they didn't have 7 presentation desks at the booth and the
booth was a bit different than the plan, but it was quite good, imho.

In the back there were some tables where 2-4 people were working.  The
booth was not overcrowded by developers.  In the past, they created
strong schedules and only people on schedule were permitted to be at
the booth, so that visitors have enough place.  There were also
posters at the booth.

See also:


> I'm not sure, if KDE is an good example, since I think, they used  big
> part (one half?) of their booth looked to me like their private hacking
> area. I didn't saw visitors there only their own people on the first
> days (but I didn't visited their booth very often).

Yes, they did.  But: The booth did not look overcrowded all the time,
and it didn't look like a dustbin either.



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